Q1: Can a electric fireplace only have flames? Can the electric fireplace only have decoration effect?

Answer: Yes, some electric fireplaces don't have heating function. Even if the electric fireplace with heating is turned on, there is only flame. You need to press another switch for heating.


Q2: Can the simulated thermal power fireplace (fake fireplace) give off heat? Can electric fireplace heat?

Answer: Most electric fireplace has heating function (also have pure decoration fireplace), electric fireplace is heating by electric heating wire, can be used for small area heating; electric fireplace only flame, heating need to press another switch.


Q3: Is there any radiation in the electric fireplace core? Is it harmful to the body?

Answer: Electric fireplace flame is produced by rotating motor and bulb projection; heating is heated by electric heating wire, the principle is similar to hair dryer, so do not worry, no radiation.


Q4: Is the electric fireplace going to be hot behind the wall?

Answer: When the electric fireplace opens the heating function, the fan sucks cold air from the back of the furnace core and blows it out from the front of the furnace core after heating by electric wire. The heating principle is similar to the electric hair dryer, so the electric fireplace is not hot on the back or side.


Q5: Whats electricity consumption of electric fireplace? Does electric fireplace consume a lot of electricity? Whats power of electric fireplace?

Answer: After the electric fireplace is turned on, it only has decorative effect. The flame effect is formed by the projection of the light bulb. At this time, the power of the electric fireplace is mainly the power of the light bulb. Generally, the power of the electric fireplace below one meter is 2-4 light bulbs. The power is about 80W. It needs 0.8 degree of electricity to operate 10 hours a day. After the heating function is turned on, the low temperature range is generally 900W, 0.9 degrees per hour, the high temperature range is 1800W, 1.8 degrees per hour.


Q6: Can the TV hang over the electric fireplace?

Answer: Yes, when the electric fireplace is turned on for heating, the hot air only blows out from the front. There is not much heat above the fireplace, which will not affect the use of the TV set. Some mantel cores are specially designed for TV cabinets. Please click on the fireplace TV cabinet.


Q7: How to determine the size of electric fireplace?

Answer: It is suggested that the size of the furnace core should be selected before making mantel/frames, so that holes can be made according to the size of the fireplace core when making mantels. If the mantel is done and the right size of the furnace is not found, the electric furnace can also be customized.