At XXX-led, we are continually seeking out, testing and developing new ideas and concepts that will enable XXX-LED to serve and grow the lighting market in future years .

Our top priorities are the comfort and safety of the end users, and the functionality and durability of our products. Our laboratory of research and development is essential to the success of XXX-LED. For the past two years , our R & D has found a real gem in the industry. Their research and development of innovative products have enabled XXX-LED to stand out from the others.


XXX-LED understood that when the customer need is well identified, we can full-filled the need properly. In a context of globalization, the very progressive conceptualization of our products comes from the efforts of the R & D of XXX-LED. Following the creation of a new product, the laboratory XXX-LED R&D performs a series of experiments and testing to ensure the quality of our products. All our products are certified C.I.I., FCC, CE and Rosh and come with a guarantee [1] of five years ! Following the verification of those brand new products, they are finally available to our customers.

At our specialized R&D centers in Canada, our engineers and designers are working together to develop new products that will suit your needs. It's fun and exciting to develop and refine products that enhance and manage light but also satisfy design conscious consumers and architects.

Even the smallest refinement in a product can bring around big benefits in energy savings and light management for homes, offices and even manufactures. The mission of our research and development department is to offer the best product at the best price for your peace of mind.