Electric fireplaces are the ideal way of bringing the experience of a fireplace into your home without the need for any existing chimneys, while also being able to heat the room it’s located in.

Electric fireplaces can be the best choice for you and your home if you’re living in an apartment or don’t already have an existing open fireplace.

Unlike other types of fireplace, electric fireplaces don’t have a real fire and so produce the flame effects and heat artificially. This means that electric fireplaces don’t need to be vented and therefore have a lot more flexibility in where they can be placed in your home compared to other types of fireplaces.

Wood burning fireplaces, wood stoves and gas fireplaces all need a chimney or flue because the waste byproducts produced from the fires need to be removed from your home for safety reasons. The installation of a chimney or flue can be extremely costly in order to facilitate being able to have one of these types of fireplaces in your home.