The flame components are an integral part of an electric fireplace and are what helps an electric fireplace to imitate the look and feel of a real fire in your home.

Electric fireplaces are electrical appliances and so over time the unit can become more susceptible to problems or faults, such as the flame effects no longer working.

Many of the issues that can cause the flames effects to stop working can be fixed without professional help, so how can you fix the flame on an electric fireplace?

To fix the flame on an electric fireplace:

  • Unplug the fireplace from the wall or isolate the power.
  • Remove the access cover to the fireplace, typically located at the rear of the unit.
  • If the bulb(s) have blown, replace them.
  • If the motor that drives the rod has stopped working, replace the motor if possible.
  • If the flame effects are squeaking when working, lubricate the rod.
  • If the electric fireplace is not responding when the switches are used you may need to replace the electric fireplace with a new one.