Gas fireplaces can be considered a completely different type of fireplace compared to electric fireplaces but when it comes to choosing a fireplace for a house, both gas and electric types can be a great choice.

Gas and electric fireplaces both have their advantages and disadvantages but each offer unique aspects of a fireplace experience for your home.

The main differences between gas and electric fireplaces include that gas fireplaces use gas as the source of fuel while electric fireplaces use electricity. Gas fireplaces are more permanent installations and have real fames, while electric fireplace can typically be moved or removed easily but don’t have real flames.

We’ve owned both gas and electric fireplaces for a number of years and so we’ve had first-hand experience with buying, installing and using them and figuring out what they’re good at and what they’re not so good at, and which one we’d have over the other in certain situations.                                                                                We’ve therefore outlined in this article all of the main differences and the pros and cons of gas fireplaces and electric fireplace using our own fireplaces as examples.