Low cost of purchase. Compared to other types of fireplace, electric fireplaces can be a relatively low cost purchase.

    Low cost of installation. While many electric fireplaces won’t cost anything at all to install (such as the freestanding ones), those that do require some installation, such as on a wall or in an existing open fireplace, won’t break the bank to do so.


    Can look very realistic. Flame technology on electric fireplaces has come a long way in recent years to a point where many models can provide very realistic looking flame effects.

    Can put out great amounts of heat. Even our small electric fireplace that uses a conventional fan heater is able to heat up our living room considerably over a number of hours.


    Very little maintenance required. The only maintenance typically associated with electric fireplaces is periodically cleaning it to ensure that the vents aren’t blocked, and changing a blown bulb.


    Flexibility in placement around a home. As electric fireplaces don’t produce any byproducts, there’s no need for a chimney or flue. This gives you far more flexibility in where they can be placed around your home.


    Some models can be easy to move around a home. You can move many freestanding models of electric fireplaces (such as stoves) around your home with ease. We move our electric stove around our home to whichever room we want to heat.


    No mess after each use. Unlike wood burning fireplaces or stoves there’s no mess created by the fires. An electric fireplace will be as tidy when you turn it off as when you had turned it on.


    Can be used in apartments. Many apartments won’t have a chimney or flue to be able to enjoy a real fire. Electric fireplaces can be used whether you live in an apartment or house.


    Take with you when you move. Installing a wood fireplace, stove or gas fireplace can become a permanent fixture for a home. Simply unplug and remove an electric fireplace from where it was installed and you can take it with you when you move home.

    Great features. Many electric fireplaces can come with an array of features such as remote control and/or thermostatic control, which allow you to adjust the settings from the comfort of your seat and help keep your rooms at a constant temperature respectively.


    Enjoy the flames without the heat. Many electric fireplaces allow you to enjoy the flames without the heater being on. We love using our electric stove even during the summer months simply to enjoy the flames without the need for heat.