For the home of the future, and the future is now, we give you an electric fireplace with TV lift. What is this, you ask? You have seen them, but might not know. A TV lift is an electronic device that raises your TV from a recessed location. In this instance, its inside the back of a handsome electric fireplace, that also comes with storage for all your TV components.

A flat screen TV, for some, is an eyesore as it grabs attention and detracts from a home's design. Do you feel the same way? If so, then you can regain some space from your bedroom or living room and bring back the attention to your space's focal point by getting an electric fireplace with a TV lift.

Electric fireplaces with TV lifts allow you to hide flat screen TVs and slide them up whenever they are needed. As there are lots of aspects that have to be addressed when buying a furniture that has an innovative design such as the TV lift with e-fireplace.

There are different forms of implementation for the moving display of electric fireplaces with TV lifts:

  • Pop Up TV Lift - This type of TV lift is quite popular. In fact, it’s the most common one. It doesn’t require complex operational know-how to use a pop up tv lift as it just needs plugging in. When the flat screen is hidden, it’s protected by the cabinet’s reliable structure and it’s not exposed to external effects.
  • Drop Down Lift - A drop down lift is also known as the ceiling lift. It is utilized by full-sized entertainment centers, so this is your most expensive option. It's also not very popular as most homeowners are not confident about the safety of the TV while it’s supported by a drop down lift. Nevertheless, it’s one of your options.

As you are likely to buy an electric fireplace with a TV lift and a flat screen TV separately, you need to ensure your new TV lift cabinet can accommodate the size of your flat screen TV. Otherwise, you would not be able to make use of the lifting mechanism of your new cabinet.