For the green friendly approach to fireplaces within the home, a gas fireplace is carbon neutral and needs no chimney. And these electric fireplace logs that don't retain heat are a wonderful accessory to complete the picture. Adding a warm, cozy, niche to your decor, feel free to burn these year round, then take them out when you're done. No special installation required.


An electric fireplace with no heat logs doesn't give off flame or smoke. However, it's incredible for giving off a realistic fire effect and give a room a romantic ambiance. Acting as an elegant home decor, it suits living spaces from traditional to sophisticated, modern-styled ones.


What are the available styles of no heat electric fireplaces?


A no heat electric fireplace comes in several different forms from old-style stove models and sleek modern boxes made of metal to full fireplaces that come complete with surrounds and mantels. As you browse through the available selection online, think about how each piece will look in the place where you'll add the unit. You'd also want to check the look of the flame and logs as they're the reason why you're buying this type of appliance.


Can you control the flame level in a no heat electric fireplace?


Most people want flame-effect electric fireplaces for their ability to give a calming ambiance. If you’re one of them, pick the model with a flame dimmer that allows you to control the flame level that the unit gives off to suit your different moods.