Bring some class to your bland interior with an electric fireplace with bookshelves. Well constructed over all, with an easy to use electric fireplace, these beautiful additions will give your home a sense of elegance. And electric fireplaces are safe and smokeless, so these can go room you wish to spruce up. Available with many options in woods and shelving, you will find one you love. Guaranteed.


Electric fireplaces are fast replacing conventional ones. And why not. An electric fireplace adds the missing warmth and glow to your living room, at a fraction of the operating and maintenance cost of a real fireplace.


There’s no smoke, no ash, no soot to bother about. No gas, no fumes either. All you see is the soothing glow of an LED light that mimics a real flame. To make it even better, it warms your room as well. You can even add it to an existing real fireplace. It resembles a burning log and emits a continual warm glow.


If you are considering adding one of these amazing fixtures to your living room, then why not pair it with a wonderful bookshelf? A fireplace mantle bookshelf is a great focal point. The shelving gives you the perfect platform to flaunt your tchotchkes and accent pieces. And of course, your books.


What types of electric fireplaces are there?


One of the advantages of an electric fireplace is that you can retrofit it into the room without making expensive remodeling. There are both freestanding as well as wall-mounted varieties.


The freestanding ones are a breeze to install. You can just place it flush against the wall and plug it into the nearest electrical outlet. The caveat is that you wouldn’t be able to move it once you install the bookshelf around it. So, narrow down on a location before you make that installation.


Many electric fireplaces have an integrated top shelf that can be used as a TV stand. Always check the maximum weight bearing capacity before you place your TV on it.


How to select the right size and design of an electric fireplace with bookshelves?


Measure the dimensions of the space that surround the fireplace. Locate your wall studs using a stud finder if you plan to wall mount the book shelf. Now it’s time to narrow down on a design and there are tons of options to select from.