Is your electric fireplace plenty warm and romantic, but lacks a certain something that could take it up a notch in the aesthetics arena. Perhaps a mantle is a way to punch up its look. Electric fireplace mantles are a easy way to take your electric fireplace from just a clever house addition to a completely realistic fireplace idea.


The use of beautifully constructed electric fireplace mantels and surrounds allows you to personalize your fireplace. From traditional to modern and contemporary designs, the selection of mantels and surrounds online will make it seem really hard for you to pick just one.


There are four different types of electric fireplace mantels, namely standard wall mantel, corner mantel, rolling mantel, and media console mantel.


  • Standard Wall Mantel - The standard mantels for electric fireplaces are what most people look for as they fit most of their needs. A standard unit is designed to be placed flat against a wall so the entire fireplace and mantel package looks as if it is a traditional fireplace. It also gives the illusion that there's real wood burning within the space. Regardless of where you will place the mantel, may it be in your family room, office, living room or bedroom, you'll be able to add a standard mantel easily as it doesn't require demolition nor an extensive installation. You simply need to assemble the mantel, plug it in, and you're done!
  • Corner Mantel - A corner mantel is for people with limited floor space. It is paired with, as you might have guessed, corner electric fireplaces, which maximize floor plans. A corner mantel with corner electric fireplace is perfect in bedrooms and small family rooms. There are models with added versatility as they can convert from a corner unit to a standard wall mantel as needed.
  • Rolling Mantel - You may need a portable mantel that can be easily moved from one room to another. If so, then your best option is a rolling mantel which is useful in apartments, condos, lofts, and trailers. You'll also find this type of mantel beneficial if you're applying the Zone Heating concept to your lifestyle. When you watch a TV show in your family room, you can bring the fireplace and mantel to the area and just roll the package and bring it to your bedroom once it's your bedtime.
  • Media Console Mantel - This is a combination of two furniture pieces to create the best addition to rooms. If you're on the lookout for multi-functional furniture, then you should check out media console mantels. They serve several purposes apart from creating a warm, inviting setting. They're sized to accommodate a variety of flat screen TVs. Best part? They offer ample media storage and clever cable management!


What materials are used in making fireplace surrounds?


The surround material that's right for you will depend on your personal preference. A wooden fire surround comes in various finishes and colors. The most common types of wood used in making electric fireplace surrounds are oak, pine, and dark mahogany. Although they're mostly unfinished or in white, you can paint a surround material yourself.


Other common materials used in making surrounds are limestone and marble. Limestone is a stunning stone with a honed finish. Marble, on the other hand, has a darker vein compared to limestone but it also has a matte finish.