A fireplace installation is no longer a tremendous chore or undertaking. These days, it's as easy as hanging a family photo. Small wall mounted electric fireplaces can be hanged anywhere, are self contained, and aesthetically flawless. An interesting idea for something new to add to your wall decor.


Small wall mount electric fireplaces are the best when it comes to creating stunning focal points in rooms with restricted floor space. As a matter of fact, they are also known as "stunning art in motion."


Where to place a small wall mount electric fireplace?


You need to remember that a tiny electric fireplace can't be expected to heat up massive rooms or an entire home. If you require a heating appliance for a small room like a bedroom, condo or apartment, then you can go ahead and purchase a small fireplace.


The room where you'll be adding an electric fireplace into should have an outlet that can carry the electric load of an electric fireplace. We suggest you consult with an electrician and have the professional produce a dedicated circuit to ensure your appliance doesn't overload the existing circuit. Although it is not necessary, it's a wise move to check with the professionals before making a purchase.


After you've decided that you want an electric fireplace, the first thing you need to do is measure where the appliance will reside. Don't just consider the spot where it'll sit. Instead, check the furniture that will be in the same room. What you don't want is your room to look and feel cramped.


What are the most useful features of wall mount electric fireplaces?


To avoid such scenario, here is a list of the most useful features of wall mount electric fireplaces:


  • Adjustable Thermostat - An adjustable thermostat works like the thermostat for ordinary air conditioners. It allows you to adjust the rate of the heat that's released into your space.
  • Brightness Control - Perfect for people who enjoy taking a quick nap by the electric fireplace, a brightness control feature will give you the ability to control the dimness or brightness of the flames projected onto the screen to ensure it's suitable to whatever you are doing. This will prove to be useful when you read a book by your electric fireplace.

Flame-Only Operation - This may be a feature you already know of as it's pretty

  • common for quality electric fireplaces. As its name implies, it will only project flames without giving off actual heat. This is for users with centralized heaters but who wish to enhance the ambiance of their living spaces.
  • Smart Controls - You may think that this will take away the charm of traditional fireplaces. But, think again as smartcontrols offer the utmost convenience. Yes, there are electric fireplaces available that come with their own remote/APP/voice controls!


Nowadays, even small wall mount electric fireplaces come with myriads of features that ensure energy efficiency, safety, and convenience of users. Because of this, it's so easy for you to get overwhelmed with the choices available which result in you skipping features that you actually are in need of.