The appearance and use of fireplaces are inseparable from the history of human use of fire, and the use of fire is of great significance to the origin of human beings.



The development of fireplace originates from the history of people using fire, and makes use of new energy sources: coal, gas and electricity in fireplace, so that the use of fireplace is more efficient, comfortable and convenient. At the same time, the fireplace has always been in the core position of interior decoration style.



There is no other invention in human history that combines practicality and beauty effectively. All kinds of fireplaces convey people's ideas of life and fashion in all ages.




Fireplace, the heating facility of indoor space, the practical function condensed by the development and change of society has gradually retreated to the second place, and gradually evolved into a symbol of identity, status and style.



The change of social fashion and the revolution of material and technology are very obvious on the object of fireplace. The evolution and development of fireplace is not only the microcosm and representation of the development and change of production relations and life concept, but also becomes the container of time residence, carrying precious social information. People from all walks of life inhabit, work, live and deduce wonderful fragments of life by the fireplace, which is related to love, warmth and friendship.

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