The principle of electric fireplace is to quote the European classical fireplace production technology and modern acoustic optics, so that the design of the traditional fireplace has been greatly improved, and the green environmental protection and more intense true wood combustion effect have been created in elegance.

  Because the manufacturing technology of electric fireplace heater has been mature, and for consumers convenient, fashionable, beautiful electronic fireplace, the style is also emerging in endlessly. Although the appearance is similar, but the heating principle is very different.


Would you like to use an electric fireplace? 


  1. Viewing effect. Unparalleled true flame, rich in change, dynamic, natural, which is unparalleledby any other heating method, including air conditioning, is really romantic warm.




  1. Natural, balanced and healthy. Electric fireplace heating is the most natural heating mode. No electromagnetic, radiation and other pollution. It is not dry, comfortable and healthy, as if the sun was introduced into the house, and reached the perfect state of gold, wood, water, fire and soil and five elements in the home life.



  1. Environmental protection . Electric fireplace directly uses simulated charcoal, lifelike, natural, colorless, tasteless. Flame lifelike, no need to add fuel, low cost, less loss, the most environmentally friendly.



  1. There are no restrictions on the conditions of use. We have a suitable fireplace for you wherever you live.