“When the weather outside is frightful, the home is so cozy with fire so delightful.”

This is the time of year when we spend more time indoors, more time inside our homes, and we want to find ways to make it warm and comfortable. When we can hear the cold wind and see the snow blowing outside, we enjoy feeling cozy inside together with our families.

Fireplace Empire smart control devices allow full control of your electric fireplace using your smart phone,to make your home feel warmer in the winter with fun and without moving inch.

There are various functions waiting for you to explore:

  1. APP software control by mobile phone
  2. Constant temperature control
  3. Timing control
  4. Holiday mode
  5. Adjustable fire size
  6. Be controlled by touch screen display
  7. 2 gear positions for heat



Constant temperature control/Thermostat control

Environmental friendly and energy saving

Bearing fan

Can be customized according to your needs of different sizes, different functions

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