Specification parameters :

LED 24V 1A Input voltage: 110-240V

Output power: 750-150W Operating voltage: 220V-240V /50Hz

Rated power: ≤2000W Bluetooth Range: 30 meters

Operating temperature: -20℃ -- 60℃ Size: 120*70*19 (mm)

WxD:110mm x 65mm PCB thickness:1mm Weight: 117 (g)

Touch screen control functions:

1.Timing control, can define any period of time within a week to open or close. You

can set up 5 regular groups at most one time.

2.Holiday mode.

3.Thermostatic control function. It can set temperature,when room temperature

reach to a low temperature, the fireplace will automatically open the heating

function,meanwhile when room temperature higher than a certain temperature, the

fireplace automatically turn off the heating function.

4.Remote control your fireplace anywhere in the home,can check the state and data

of fireplace anywhere in the home, can open fireplace heating function when needs.

5.Adjust the flame size.

6.Two gears heating.(750w and 1500w)

7.calendar function.