Wall mount electric fireplaces are simply electric fireplaces that can be mounted on the surface of a wall in your home.

They’re typically found to be linear (longer width ways than height) and generally come as a plug-in format where you just need to plug it into a nearby electrical outlet in order for it to work.

Some wall mount electric fireplaces also give you the option of partially recessing or fully recessing them into a wall.

Wall mount electric fireplaces are great for entertainment centers built around part of a wall that sticks out in the room, such as a chimney breast.

A wall mount electric fireplace can be installed onto the part of the wall that sticks out while any shelves, cabinets or media console areas can be installed either side.

It’s also common to see a TV installed above an electric fireplace on wall to make it a full experience feature wall.

Wall mount electric fireplaces are typically plug-in and so you’ll need a nearby electrical outlet in order to be able to operate the fireplace.

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