Even though it’s not typical for an electric fireplace to need a hearth, using an electric fireplace on a hearth can make it look more real and built-in.

We like to place our electric stove in our open fireplace during the summer months when the open fireplace isn’t in use.

When placed in our open fireplace, our electric stove is located on a real hearth, and helps it to look more like a real wood stove. There’s an electrical outlet located on a nearby wall that allows us to use the electric fireplace even when placed inside our living room fireplace.

Hearth pads are also available if you want to improve the realism of your electric fireplace elsewhere in your home.

 If you’re looking to place an electric fireplace in your home in a place other than an open fireplace then a hearth pad can be used as the base for your electric fireplace wherever you decide to locate it.

For ideas check out the full range of hearth pads available for fireplaces here that can help to improve the look and feel of an electric fireplace in your home.

You can also buy accessories such as fake flues to make an electric fireplace, such as an electric stove, look even more realistic in your home.

See the complete list of accessories available for electric fireplaces right here.