Wall mounted electric fireplaces will be found installed on the wall of a home and plugged into a nearby electrical outlet.

Removing a wall mounted electric fire can typically be done in the reverse order to how it was originally installed, but sometimes you may not have the owner’s manual for reference or simply just don’t know where to start.

To remove a wall mounted electric fireplace:

  1. Check the owner’s manual, if available, for any information on how the fireplace was originally installed or can be removed.
  2. Look for signs on how the fireplace is attached to the wall, such as screws at mounting locations, brackets or even being partially recessed into the wall.
  3. Remove any covers or trim to gain access to the mounting locations.
  4. Remove any loose items before removing the fireplace.
  5. With the help of one or more persons holding the fireplace, remove the screws holding it onto the wall and remove the wall mounted fireplace.

We’ve recently installed a wall mounted electric fireplace in our bedroom and so we know what to do when it comes around to removing it, whether that’s when we move house or when the fireplace needs fixing or replacing.