Electric fireplaces are a type of fireplace. Fireplaces burn fuel in order to produce heat as well as providing the experience and enjoyment of having a fire in your home.

Electric fireplaces run on electricity and can’t operate without this source of power. In order to use an electric fireplace they typically need plugging into a nearby electrical outlet and they can be used straight out of the box.

Some forms of electric fireplace, such as built-in, may be required to be direct-wired into home electrics in order to work.

Unlike other forms of fireplace such as gas and wood burning, electric fireplaces don’t produce real flames.

There’s no fuel to burn in an electric fireplace and so an electrical supply is used to operate a number of electrical components that help to imitate the experience of a real fire.

The flames on an electric fireplace are produced either through LED lights or from the combination of light sources and rotating mirrors to generate the effect of flickering flames.

The type and realism of the flame effects used in an electric fireplace will be influenced by the quality of the product and the technology used to create the flame effects. More expensive electric fireplaces will typically use more realistic and better quality flames effects than cheaper models.

We have a relatively inexpensive electric fireplace stove in our home and it produces flames using a light source and rotating mirrors.