Wall mounted electric fireplaces are a type of electric fireplace designed to be installed on the wall of a home and so installation will be required to permanently mount the appliance.

To install a wall mounted electric fireplace:

1.Choose a location that’s near enough to an electrical outlet for the power cord to reach;

2.Check the manual for guidance on how your model of wall mounted electric fireplace needs to be installed onto the wall. They can either typically be installed straight onto a wall or placed onto a bracket that in turn is installed on the wall;

3.Mark out the locations on the wall for the screws, either by holding the fireplace up against the wall or by using a template;

4.Drill holes at the required locations using a drill bit that the owner’s manual specifies, and install the wall plugs;

5.Secure the electric fireplace to the wall using screws at the locations of the wall plugs, or firstly install the bracket(s) onto the wall if required;

6.Check that the appliance is firmly attached to the wall;

7.Install any other components onto the electric fireplace and plug the appliance into the nearby electrical outlet.