An electric fireplace insert is an electric fireplace that can be installed in either an existing open fireplace or frame to imitate the look and feel of a real fireplace.

The following range of electric fireplaces can be categorized as ‘inserts’:

  • Plug-in electric fireplaces
  • Built-in electric fireplaces
  • Electric fireplaces logs

Plug-in electric fireplace inserts are typically used inside an open fireplace to turn it from wood-burning to electric.

Built-in electric fireplace inserts can be used in walls and installations such as entertainment centers, as well as being placed in existing fireplaces for a more permanent solution than plug-in inserts.

Electric fireplace log set inserts are designed to be placed on the base (hearth) of your open fireplace to represent a fireplace grate with burning logs. Unlike plug-in inserts and built-in inserts, log inserts don’t take up the whole opening of an open fireplace.